Naming Things Is Hard

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Finding bugs and improving team culture by using emojis as release names 👀

Our team uses emojis everywhere. I don’t remember how it started but we eventually became known for pushing the boundaries and including emojis in emails to kernel developers. One of the activities we really enjoy is naming our releases in JIRA with fitting emojis. Some people recently expressed their opinions that we shouldn’t be doing it, and it got me thinking. But not thinking about why they are right, the opposite....

. 5min read . Veronika Kabátová

Simplify your git fork workflow with this easy hack

Okay so the title is a clickbait. This is not a hack, it’s just about setting git configuration differently. However, a surprisingly small number of people knows about it, even within ones who consider themselves git experts. If you already know about this setup congratulations, you rock! If not, this is your chance to become one of the lucky ten thousand and make your workflow less painful. What’s the problem? So you decided to contribute to a project that lives on GitHub or GitLab....

. 3min read . Veronika Kabátová